Privacy Policy and Consent for the Personal Data Processing


The editors of the scientific journal "Economic Innovations" has taken an appropriate measures to comply with the privacy policy and to preserve privacy and copyright in the processing and publication of the scientific papers. The editors also has provided special conditions for the protection of authors personal data. For example, the processing of personal data and other actions with them permitted by law are carried out by the editorial board on the basis of the authors' consent for the Personal Data Processing.

Submitting the manuscripts for peer review - the authors give the editors the results of their scientific works, on which their reputation and career may depend. Therefore, the editors has taken all possible measures to ensure that the authors' rights are not violated during the processing of authors manuscripts in order to prevent the disclosure of confidential information.


The Editors has also taken an appropriate measures to comply with the privacy policy to the reviewers. The privacy can be violated only in exceptional cases: to prevent manifestations of dishonesty or fraud, but in all other cases it will be kept by the Editors.

The Editors will not disclose information about received manuscripts (including their contents, review status, the criticism or final conclusion of reviewers) to other persons, except authors and reviewers, as well as requests for the legal use of materials.

The Editors adhere to the position that the manuscripts that are sent for peer review are the private intellectual property of the authors. Reviewers and members of the editorial board respect the author's rights, do not publicly discuss their work and not assign their ideas before the publication of the manuscript. The editorial office does not allow reviewers to make copies of manuscripts, and it is also forbidden to transfer them to other persons, except for the presence of an appropriate permit. Reviewers of the scientific journal "Economic Innovations" should return or destroy copies of manuscripts after sending feedback. Copies of rejected manuscripts can not be stored.

Comments of reviewers without the permission of the reviewer, the author and the editor can not be published or made public in any other way.

The editorial board of the scientific journal "Economic Innovations" takes appropriate measures to ensure that the process of reviewing works submitted by authors for publication remains anonymous. The authors have the opportunity to review the information for the authors of the journal to ensure that the editorial board ensures the objectivity and anonymity of the reviews. The faces of reviewers, should not be disclosed to the author or to someone else.

The publication of the reviewer's reviews together with the manuscript without their permission and authorization is not allowed.