Open Access Policy

Scientific journal "Economic Innovations" provides the policy of immediate open access to the full-text scientific papers, supporting the principle of openness and free exchange of ideas, information and knowledge for the general social progress.

Scientific journal "Economic Innovations" is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY 4.0. It allows you to read, download, copy, share, print, search, quote or refer to the full text article from this collection.

The editorial board of the collections of scientific papers "Economic Innovations" is taking steps to comply with UNESCO's policy of open access to scientific works and texts.


UNESCO, via its Communication and Information Sector, promotes Open Access (OA), with particular emphasis on scientific information (journal articles, conference papers and datasets of various kinds) emanating from publicly funded research. Working with partners, UNESCO works to improve awareness about the benefits of OA among policy makers, researchers and knowledge managers. Through its global network of Field Offices, Institutes and Centers, UNESCO facilitates the development and adoption of OA-enabling policies. In addition, UNESCO engages in global OA debates and cooperates with local, regional and global initiatives in support of OA.

UNESCO’s OA programme pays particular attention to African and other developing countries where, notwithstanding important gains in ICT availability, OA prevalence, both in terms of output and usage, remains low.
Open Access benefits researchers, innovators, teachers, students, media professionals and the general public. It promotes global knowledge flow for the benefit of scientific discovery, innovation and socio-economic development.

The Communication and Information Sector of UNESCO has developped the Global Open Access Portal which presents a  snapshot of the status of Open Access (OA) to scientific information around the world. ROAD has been conceived as an additional mechanism to GOAP.

Source: UNESCO. For more information about UNESCO policy for Open Access.


Copyright and Licensing

By submitting an article to the editor the author(s) will automatically grant the right editors edit, as well as post content articles on the official website of the journal.
The authors retain all copyrights while granting the journal the right of first publication, which allows you to distribute the material under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) indicating the authorship and initial publication in the journal.