General information

Scientific journal «Economic innovations» - is Ukrainian open access peer-reviewed scientific economic edition.

ISSN 2524-003X (Print), eISSN 2616-5430 (Online).

Frequency: 4 times a year (quartelly).

Language: English, Ukrainian. Submissions in EU official languages can be considered.

The journal was established in 1998 by the Institute Of Market Problems And Еconomic&Ecological Research Of National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine. The Certificate of State Registration: Ser. ОД № 425 dates 3 March 1998. «Economic innovations» was re-registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine: Certificate of the state registration of printed mass media, series KB №15485-4057 ПР dated 13.07.2009, series КВ №24242-14082 ПР dated 02.12.2019 and series KB №25369-15309 ПР dated 01.09.2022.

Since 2016, the journal «Economic innovations» is in the list of specialized professional publications, which can publish the main results of master's and doctoral dissertations. Order of MES of Ukraine № 241 dated 09.03.2016, order of MES of Ukraine № 886 dated 02.07.2020 (category B).

The scientific journal «Economic innovations» is open for access on the official web-site of the main Ukrainian academic Library– Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine of  National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The aim of the journal: is to present a  new scientific knowledge, reflecting the results of theoretical and conceptual development, to forma of strategic and program decisions, the synthesis of practical experience in the field of economics, management of national and international economy, regional and sectoral economy, the economy of enterprises.

The tasks of the journal:

  • Publishing results of fundamental and applied scientific researches in economics and ecological economics fields with the purpose of their popularization;
  • Dissemination of information about increasing knowledge in the field of economics, due to latest scientific results, obtained by domestic and foreign researchers;
  • To present latest theoretical and practical knowledge for sustainable development of economic systems on international, national, regional and local levels to a wide audience;
  • To provide the opportunity to make public the results of their researches for representing it to the scientific community for postgraduate students and doctoral candidates in field of economics, managing the development and ecologization of economic systems;
  • Support for the popularization of science and the results of scientific researches conducted by domestic and foreign scientists in Ukraine and abroad. Support and implementation of academic virtue principles and ethics of scientific publications.

«Economic innovations» offers publications in the following areas:

  • Economics and National Economy Management;
  • Economics and Business Management;
  • Environmental Resources Management;
  • Social and Economic Policies;
  • Logistics and Transport;
  • Regional Economy.

During the 25-year history, the pages of the scientific publication "Economic Innovations" have published the materials of numerous fundamental and applied researches, the results of which have become a significant contribution to the development of economic science. During this time, the editorial policy changed, continuing to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and publishing ethics, responding to the challenges of the times, with the aim of the best distribution of materials published in the domestic and international community of scientists. The latest issues of the journal are published almost entirely in English. Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are assigned to all articles. The editors are working on including the journal to the leading scientometric databases.

The journal is designed for researchers, teachers, postgraduate students, legislative and executive authorities representatives.

All the materials are checked on plagiarism.

All the materials are published in the journal on peer review basis.