Keywords: innovative development, modern enterprises, integrated approach, innovation management, innovation implementation, innovation implementation, management decision making.


Topicality. This scientific article is devoted to the issues of innovative development of modern enterprises from the standpoint of implementation (implementation) of innovative developments, which is associated with changes in the global environment, transition to a new technological level (increasing new technologies), constant competition, economic and social change.
Aim and tasks. The purpose of the work is to introduce an integrated approach in modern enterprises in the implementation of innovations.
Research results. The paper forms and substantiates the approaches that should be used in the implementation of innovations depending on the specifics of the enterprise and its management system, namely: system-complex (considers all business processes in the enterprise as a whole); process-effective (use of effective tools for making management decisions based on innovative measures to meet consumer needs); situational (management system is organized to form and implement a strategy based on specific situations and actions); functional (interrelation of management functions for realization of the set purposes of the enterprise); integration (combines internal and external management structures and influences); marketing (motivating actions to promote the product of innovation on the market). The author presents the steps of the algorithm for selecting an effective scheme of innovation management of the enterprise, namely: calculation of the marginal levels of innovation of ideas; determination of the arithmetic mean of the quantitative evaluation of ideas according to certain criteria; comparison of the assessment of intentions for innovation; choice of organizational schemes of innovation management.
Conclusion. The paper offers a graphical interpretation of the process of innovation management is the adoption of management decisions for their implementation. It is established that the implementation and implementation of innovative projects is directly related to the rate of economic growth in the country and its regions. This interdependence is also reflected graphically in the article. The basic conditions of introduction of innovative developments by the modern enterprises for their further development are defined, namely: improvement of normative-legal maintenance of realization of innovative business; creating conditions for the formation of a full-fledged competition between modern innovation-active enterprises; creation of motivating factors for enterprises in order to increase the importance of innovative changes; expanding opportunities for financing innovative enterprises; development of programs for the purchase of the latest, innovative equipment; incentive measures to involve young people and scientists in innovation processes at enterprises in the country and regions.

Author Biography


PhD in Economics, assistant professor,
Associate Professor of Organizational Management,
Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration (ORIPA)


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