Keywords: positioning strategy, strategy of additional services, developing or creative marketing strategy, strategy of innovators, competitive strategy, strategy of “increasing market share.


Topicality. In the conditions of growing world rates of tourism development and business activity the question of travelers accommodation is actual. Hotels occupy leading positions in this area of business. The well-being of their owners, employees and regional development depends on successful marketing strategies for their development.
Aim and tasks. The purpose of the article is to study the marketing policy of five-star hotels in Ukraine with a view to their wider application in the hotel practice of the country. The article task is to reveal the main marketing strategies essence used by global and Ukrainian hotels and hotel chains.
Research results. Hotel business and tourism are one of the entrepreneurship types that has been successfully developing both in the world and in Ukraine in recent decades. In the world and Ukraine there is a classification of hotels according to the comfort level and service. Among all hotels, five-star hotels stand out with the highest characteristics. They are an example to many others in applying new marketing strategies that can ensure their development and prosperity. Among these strategies, the leading ones are: positioning strategy, strategy of additional services, developing or creative marketing strategy, strategy of innovators, competitive strategy, strategy of “increasing market share”, strategy of prestigious prices, strategy of flexible prices, strategy of step bonuses. This research article is devoted to the study of these strategies.
Conclusion. The hospitality sector is a promising type of investment, as it is developing rapidly enough, determines the level of employment in the respective regions, creates a material base for tourism development. In recent years, the hotel industry is developing in negative conditions, in particular: in a pandemic, unstable economic and political situation in the country, which leads to a decrease in tourism and business activity, the lack of funding. The development of the hotel and tourism business development program and the creation of a favorable investment climate will help to improve the situation.
Prospects for further research are a comprehensive study, analysis and use of all reserves to improve the quality of service and competitiveness of five-star hotel complexes in Ukraine through the introduction of positive foreign experience in the hospitality enterprises development.

Author Biographies


Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor,
Odessa National Economic University,
Odesa, Ukraine


Candidate of Economic Sciences, Head of the Organizational
Work with Foreign Students Department, Odessa National
Polytechnic University
Shevchenko Avenue 1, Odesa, Ukraine, 65000


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