Keywords: innovation strategy, regional economic systems, active reaction to innovation.


Topicality. Modern regional economic systems require a radical change in the strategy of innovative development, which, among other strategies, acquires a special meaning and needs to identify its features and priorities in the implementation of the directions of development of regional systems.The innovation activity strategy should be decisive among other strategies and should be designed to change the technical and technological base of regions, to influence information resources of a certain type of economic development and not only to technological upgrading, but also to a fundamental change in the entire resource base of the region in which priority will be be provided with the latest developments in the high-tech field.
Aim and tasks. Identify the peculiarities of the strategy of innovation activity of regional economic systems, indicate the purpose of such strategy, its means and tools for practical implementation and outline the possible expected results in the near future.
Research results. Based on practical materials collected when writing articles, found that under current conditions is extremely necessary strategy for active response to the innovation of modern regional economic systems.The lagging behind of leading countries in the field of innovative technologies becomes extremely critical and leads to economic and even military expansion of Ukraine.More developed countries that exploit the weakness and insecurity of our country pursue aggressive trade policies, impose their far better products than they are driven by economic dependence on. Ukraine needs a major innovation of the technological basis on an innovative basis, and regional economic systems must play a leading role in such an upgrade.
Conclusion. Thus, the strategy of innovation activity of regional economic systems should be active, perhaps even aggressive and aimed at achieving strategic priorities in the creation of intellectual products.

Author Biographies


Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor
Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
Didrichson Street 4, Odesa, 65029


PhD, Associate Professor

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
Didrichson Street 4, Odesa, 65029


PhD, Associate Professor
Odessa National Economic University,
Preobrazhenskaya Street 8, Odesa, 65028


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