• E.L. Mihailuk
Keywords: ecological tourism, sustainable development, rural (green) tourism, environment, ecological thinking.


The article deals with the prospects of the development of ecological tourism in the Odessa region. The definition of "ecological tourism" is given, the practice of development of ecological tourism in different countries of the world and regions of Ukraine is analyzed. The purposes of development of ecological tourism are substantiated. The natural and natural reserve potential of the Odessa region is analyzed, potential environmental risks associated with the development of ecological tourism in the region are estimated. An analysis of trends in the development of ecological tourism as a separate activity in different regions of Ukraine and as an auxiliary in rural (green) tourism is conducted.Obstacles to the development of environmental tourism in the region are: lack of proper legal support for the development of this type of tourism; lack of a mechanism for rational and ecologically balanced use of the natural, historical and cultural potential of the region for tourism needs; absence of objects of the nature reserve fund of the highest category of the heritage, which minimizes the development of tourism; insufficient number of developed eco-routes within the oblast.Necessary development of legislative and normative base in relation to the order of exposure, estimation, taking of inventory of resources suitable for to eco-tourism, their passport systems, registrations, determinations of the legal mode of tourist resources and marking of resources, their monitoring on conforming to the normative requirements. Needs the improvement of mechanisms of backuping of earth under a next testament through making alteration in Law of Ukraine "On the naturally-protected fund of Ukraine". In the legislative order it is necessary to fix a requirement in relation to the reflection of limits of the earth reserved under a next testament in plan-building and town-planning documentation that will need making alteration to Laws of Ukraine "On planning and building of territories", "About the General chart of planning of territory of Ukraine. Regulatory, managerial and economic measures aimed at further development of ecological tourism in the region are offered.

Author Biography

E.L. Mihailuk

candidate of economic sciences., an associate professor

Odesa national economic university

street Preobrazhens'ka, 8, Odesa, Odesa area, Ukraine, 65000


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