• O.O. Krynytska
Keywords: food policy, consumer protection food safety, food.


The article deals with the historical tendencies of the formation of food policy, in particular in the context of consumer rights protection in the countries of the European Union. It is emphasized on the necessity of introducing a progressive foreign experience of its formation for Ukraine. The use of measures to ensure food security and quality of food as a basis for raising the social life of the society is substantiated.To characterize the evolution of food policy development, it should be noted that the laws that form the basis of the protection of consumer rights have existed for more than a century, but this process began to develop more actively only at the end of the 19th century in the United States and in Europe. This was the result of an industrial revolution. Most countries in Western Europe began to develop comprehensive legislation in this direction in the post-1950 period. Initially these were legislative acts - specific laws aimed at addressing specific issues, such as advertising, improving consumer information through packaging for industrial and food products, as well as basic safety requirements.For Ukraine, it is necessary to introduce the experience of the EU as an important vector for the formation of modern food policy on an innovative basis.The main drivers of this process should be: development of the National Concept of Food Policy of Sustainable Consumption; formation of the conscious mentality of ecologically balanced consumption and production; intensification of effective levers of transition to sustainable consumption and production; Further development of sectoral partnership and international support in this context.Although the technological base of the economy can not provide an adequate response to the challenges of today, and economic growth in Ukraine faces numerous constraints, the national economy needs to adapt to the requirements of competition in regional and global markets, which means improving production efficiency, increasing the level of knowledge economy through the massive introduction of innovation, the promotion of new types of business, the introduction of environmental production standards.Covering a wide range of national, economic, social, and demographic factors, food policy must be developed through the development and implementation of a set of measures aimed at: expansion of production of own food products.

Author Biography

O.O. Krynytska

Phd of Economics, Senior lecturer at the department of economic theory and financial and fconomic security Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

St.Canatna 112, Odessa, Ukraine, 65039


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