• S.A. Bondarenko
  • V.V. Rummo
Keywords: risks, extraversion, introversion, external and internal environment of the enterprise, passport of risks, business processes, winemaking enterprises.


In the article the essence of the concept of the risks of enterprises is disclosed, the main types of risks of winemaking enterprises are distinguished. The tools of the early warning system in risk management of winemaking enterprises have been developed, which includes identification of risks by degree of influence, their assessment for the purpose of prevention of consequences and systematic monitoring for the purpose of control. The identification of the influence of factors of the external and internal environment of the enterprise on the basis of "extraversion" and "introversion" for identifying threats and opportunities for the enterprise is proposed. The integration of intro and extroversion leads to an understanding of the degree of dependence of the enterprise on the external environment and the degree of its control, revealing the problems, positive tendencies and restrictions associated with both external and internal factors. This creates a constructive prerequisite for designing an early warning and control system for weak signals. As a
management tool. The system of criteria for assessing the probable risks of the development of a winemaking enterprise includes four groups of indicators for business processes allocated for winemaking enterprises: production-technological; market financial; investment-innovation. Wine-making enterprises are encouraged to form a culture of early warning of risks. This implies a change in the general attitude towards the risk of functions performed by managers, based not only on the adoption of current managerial decisions, but also on the analysis of changes occurring both in the external and in the internal business environment, an assessment of the risk factors on the first facts of their manifestation. The proposed methodical device can be used by economists and managers in practical activities for the formation of an early warning system at the enterprise, as well as for assessing the economic and economic risks of the planned planning decisions that will become the subject of further scientific research.

Author Biographies

S.A. Bondarenko

PhD (Economics),

Institute Of Market Problems And Economic&Ecological Research of the National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine

Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odessa, Ukraine

V.V. Rummo

PhD (Economics),

Odessa national academy of food technologies

Street Kanatna, 112, odessa, Ukraine, 65039


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Bondarenko, S., & Rummo, V. (2017). FORMATION OF THE EARLY WARNING SYSTEM IN MANAGEMENT OF RISKS OF VINE-FISHING ENTERPRISES. Economic Innovations, 19(3(65), 28-37.