Keywords: innovation infrastructure; mechanism for the formation of innovation infrastructure; innovation funds; commercial innovation banks; exchange of scientific and technical products.


Topicality. The infrastructure of innovation activity should be considered as an independent sphere of the economy, the feature of which is not the production of material products, but the provision of services.With the development of a market economy, based on independent and autonomous producers who are completely isolated and competitive, it becomes problematic to maintain stable economic ties within economic systems at different levels, such as state, regional and even local. Therefore, the main function of the infrastructure is the formation of the necessary conditions for the management of economic entities. Infrastructure, as an independent part of the economic mechanism, should promote the free exchange of market resources and implement the functions of self-regulation and self-adjustment of the regional economy at all its levels due to market fluctuations.
Today the issues of development of innovation infrastructure at the regional level in the conditions of formation of market type of economic relations are not finally resolved and need further deep elaborations, therefore our goal is to define the infrastructure of innovation activity as an integral complex of functional organizational and economic institutions that directly provide the conditions for the implementation of innovation processes by economic entities on the basis of the principles of economic efficiency.
Aim and tasks. The aim of the article is to determine the place of innovation in the development of modern market regional economy and to establish the role and importance of infrastructure that would promote the rapid development of science and technology in a special and extremely important for Ukraine Southern region. The peculiarities of the region are the harmonious formation of modern infrastructure on the basis of building a complex of institutions and various research organizations, which would aim to spread the rich domestic and foreign experience of innovative development.
Research results. The material base of the innovation infrastructure is an area with a developed economic, production and social structure, the objects of which are focused on the mass introduction of new technologies and the development of new knowledge-intensive products.
The innovation infrastructure consists of the following main elements and components: research, design, research and experimental organizations that work in the field of innovation and increase the innovation potential of the region; manufacturing enterprises that implement the results of research and development and inventions, introduce them into the production of knowledge-intensive goods and services; management, marketing, advertising services aimed at disseminating the latest technologies and developments, promoting the achievements of domestic research centers; innovation funds, commercial banks, insurance companies, exchanges of scientific and technical products that accumulate the latest developments and innovations for commercial purposes; institutions of scientific and technical expertise, legal protection of intellectual property, ensuring the inviolability of intellectual property and legal capacity.
A special role is given to educational and training institutions that specialize in training and retraining of specialists in scientific and technical fields of science and technology; information and communication departments, editorial and publishing organizations and structures, patent offices, licensing chambers and state statistical bodies; organizations for servicing innovative developments, leasing, transport and freight forwarding companies, customs departments and other government agencies.
Conclusion. The innovation and investment process within the region must be managed and regulated professionally and effectively, and for this it is necessary to have a system of evaluation indicators and use the latest methods of managing regional innovation and investment infrastructure. The administrative bodies of the region's innovation infrastructure management should have significant economic levers in their hands to manage the innovation and investment process, namely through the mechanism of creating research and development institutions, educational institutions and experimental laboratories in the region. Creating favorable conditions and a favorable field for investors, providing priorities in lending to entrepreneurs, supporting with financial subsidies, leasing of new high-tech machines and mechanisms, providing timely important economic information on domestic and global markets.

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Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor
Odessa Vocational College of Computer Technology
Odessa State Ecological University
5/2 Akademika Korolyova Street. Odesa, 65000


Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor

Bexley college, Tower Road, Belvedere,

Kent Street, DA17 6JA, London, United Kingdom


PhD(Eng), Associate Professor, Senior Researcher, Department of market mechanisms and structures, State institution «Institute of Market and Economic & Ecological Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine»
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine, 65044


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