Keywords: methodological aspects, strategic management, investment and innovation activities, ecologically safe land use, foresight.


Topicality. Problems of land relations regulation have become especially relevant in recent times, when the land and resource sphere has undergone large-scale changes. The measures and tools for the implementation of strategic directions of management of investment and innovation activities of ecologically safe land use, improvement of methodological support of the system of land relations regulation are especially resonant. There is a need to form a new system of regulation of land relations, related not only to the development of the land market, but also taking into account the dominants of sustainable development and socio-ecological and economic aspects of society. In this context, the methodology and practice of strategizing in the system of ecologically safe land use will become especially important.
Aim and tasks. The aim of the study is to form methodical apects for strategic management of investment and innovation activities in the field of environmentally friendly nature management based on the analysis of world experience.
Research tasks: research of modern approaches to strategic management of ecologically safe land use; formation of typology and model of ecologically safe land use as an object of strategic management of investment and innovation policy at macro- and meso-levels; research of the best world practices in the field of ecologically safe land use; formation of categorical-conceptual basis and system of strategic management; analysis of methodological approaches to the process of strategy and planning in the investment and innovation sphere of ecologically safe land use; formation of the author's methodological approach to strategic management of investment and innovation activities in the field of environmentally safe land use.
Research results. Recommendations on the directions of development of the Strategic Management of Investment and Innovation Activities in the Field of Ecologically Safe Land Use and the solution of the issue of management of investment flows of land use are given. The scheme of the system of strategic management in the field of ecologically safe land use is developed taking into account the importance of synergetic development of innovative and investment aspects of the sphere of ecologically safe land use. A logical-structural scheme of strategizing the sphere of ecologically safe land use has been developed on the basis of the formed principles of scientific support of strategizing the sphere of ecologically safe land use. The scheme of methodical approach to strategic management of investment and innovation activity in the field of ecologically safe land use on the basis of foresight methodology in the field of ecologically safe land use by means of indicators of SMART-method on the basis of Quintuple Helix (5 helix) is presented. It is recommended to create an information and communication tool and a platform for land relations entities for external and internal supervision and control over the state of the environment; systematization of data and correlation with research data of research institutions and territorial bodies for regulation of land relations.
Conclusion. High-tech development of the modern world and its new opportunities opened by scientific and technical achievements and the development of information networks that allow immediate information, wide availability of modern technologies and changing the role of human resources increase the need for greater efficiency and economic efficiency. This encourages the transition to an innovation-oriented path and the importance of building its environmentally friendly model of strategic management. This decision largely depends on the extent to which the implemented innovations are provided with the necessary amount of investment resources. The reorientation of the economic system to innovation requires the involvement of the necessary amounts of both external and internal investment, different in type and form. In the current transformation of the world and domestic society on the greening of the economy at the macro, meso and micro levels, the development of theoretical and methodological approaches and principles for strategic management of investment and innovation land use policy will be of particular importance. At the same time, it should be noted that innovation and investment processes in the field of nature management should be considered comprehensively, based on logically selected and economically sound performance indicators of the entity, with due regard for synergies. The innovation and investment components of economic spheres are characterized by an objective relationship.

Author Biography


PhD, Researcher of the Department of Economic and Ecological Problems of Coastal Regions
Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research of NASU
65044, Odesa, French Boulevard, 29


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