Keywords: eco-environmental risks insurance, nature reserve fund, investment instruments, financial infrastructure, economic development.


Topicality. Market changes in all fields of economy of Ukraine demand the creation of new cooperation's institutions and mechanisms between branches, including the sphere of environmental reserve affair requires transformations, which will be directed into the development not only environmentally protected, but also its ecological and economic components. Nowadays, the eco-ecological's development is insufficient and requires the introduction of investment approach to the economic relations between Nature Reserve's administrations, private sector and local communities. Insurance of eco- environmental risks will stabilize market relations in of Nature Reserve's field, reduce the business risks.
Aim and tasks. The aim of the article is representedeco- environmental insurance, as partnership, which can attribute economic privileges to the results of innovation activities. Our research focuses on the use of insuring eco-environmental risks'instruments, analysis of their advantages and disadvantages, both for nature reserves and for the private sector.
Research results. The eco- environmental insurance, as financial and regalation institutions, can become tool for formation investment flows in the nature reserve fund industry. The instruments of eco-environmental risk's insurance will combine not only guarantees of business initiatives in theNature Reserve Fund, but also many financial and organizational benefits not only for businesses, but also for local communities, as well as for authorities and environmental institutions.
Conclusion. Currently, the cooperation'smechanisms between the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine, private sector, authorities and local communities should be comprehensive, combining compliance with environmental objectives and the environmentally friendly economic activities. The eco-environmental risk's insurance tools can also become a form environmentally oriented business activities, a development vector of cooperation of naturally reserved fund institutions and representatives of the private sector, who want to carry out their activities taking into account environmental imperatives and produce truly ecologically pure products, but first of all corresponding contractual mechanism must be formalized into a legal structure and an independent object of normative-legal regulation.

Author Biography


postgraduate (Economics), Institute of Market Problems
and Economic-Ecological Researches of the NASY
29 Frantsuzkyj boulevard, 65044, Odesa, Ukraine


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