Keywords: marketing strategy, promotion, organic foodstuffs, foreign markets


Topicality. Marketing becomes a necessary and effective tool for doing business, the basis of enterprise management, which is strategically focused on achieving market success. However, domestic companies - participants in the market of organic products have not yet fully realized the need to implement modern principles and tools of marketing. Special attention needs to be paid to the strategic aspects of the operation of such enterprises, in particular, the development of marketing strategies for promotion in domestic and foreign markets. Commercial and communication effects will depend on the correct choice of basic, foreign economic, competitive and functional strategies, promotion channels, formation of communication appeal, amount of invested funds, etc.
Aim and tasks. The purpose of the article is to develop theoretical and methodological foundations for the formation and implementation of strategies for promoting organic food products in foreign markets, taking into account changes in consumer needs and demand dynamics. The objectives of the study include: identifying key trends in the consumption of organic products on the world market; clarification of the stages of formation of the marketing strategy of promotion of organic food products on foreign markets.
Research results. The results of the research give grounds to claim that insufficient dynamics of growth of the domestic market of organic products transforms foreign economic activity into the main component of effective development of producers of organic food products. It is proved that the largest consumers of organic food are countries with a high level of socio-economic development and a high standard of living of the majority of the population. The following regularities of development of foreign markets of organic products are revealed: expansion of the range of organic products, steady tendency of growth of sales volumes, supported by import; high quality requirements, mandatory certification. The main markets for organic products are European markets, China, Canada, USA, Latin America. It was found that in foreign markets the most important problems in the field of promotion are the complexity of studying the marketing environment, identifying key characteristics of the target consumer and compliance with standards in a particular country.
Conclusion. Based on the study, conclusions about the following stages formation of marketing strategy of advancement of organic foodstuff on foreign markets were made: defining the goals of promotion; assessment of factors influencing the strategy and complex of promotion; the actual development of the strategy; the choice of means of influencing consumers; budget calculation. The most important factors for the formation of marketing strategy to promote organic food products to foreign markets and ensure high performance of companies exporting organic products are: determining the type of buyer, target audience, product type, stage of the life cycle. It has been proven that in the process of bringing organic food products to the foreign market, it is advisable to apply a push strategy at the beginning, as intermediaries better understand the specifics of demand and local consumers. and in the future for the development of the market you can also use the strategy of attraction or mixed.

Author Biographies


Dr.Sc. (Economics), Professor
Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman,

Kiev, Peremohy avenue, 54/1, 03057, Ukraine


Dr.Sc. (Economics), Professor
Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity,
Kherson National Technical University
Beryslavske highway, 24, Kherson, Ukraine


PhD student

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine,

Kiev, Heroiv Oborony str., 11, Ukraine


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