Goletiani Ketevan

Batumi Navigation Teaching University (Georgia), Dean of the Faculty of Logistics, Candidate of technical science, Doctor of Business Administration, Professor.

Е-mail: k.goletiani@bntu.edu.ge


Publications (specialty: 056 (292) International Economic Relations, 073 Management):

1. Badri Gechbaia, Nino Tchilaia, Ketevan Goletiani and Zurab Muskudiani (2020). Ways and characteristics of employee motivation in modern conditions. Social and labour relations: theory and practice, 10(1), 25-32. doi:10.21511/slrtp.10(1).2020.05
2. Badri Gechbaia., Zurab Mushkudiani ., Ketevan Goletiani. Personal management’s complex-economic research in modern business. The 18th INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AND MANAGEMENT 2020, Riga, Latvia. https://bit.ly/36BN5NX
3. Nino Paresashvili., Natiq Gurbanov., Badri Gechbaia., Ketevan Goletiani., Teona Edzgveradze. SIGNIFICANT ISSUES OF ORGANIZATIONAL CONFLICT MANAGEMENT. https://bit.ly/2O0YaSi
4. Gechbaia Badri., Goletiani Ketevan., Mushkudiani Zurab. HR impact on firm organizational culture. International Scientific and Practical Conference: «SOCIO-LABOR SPHERE IN THE COORDINATES OF THE NEW ECONOMY AND THE GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC REALITY: CHALLENGES, WAYS OF DEVELOPMENT» Київ, КНЕУ 2020.
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7. Goletiani, K. (2017). The Necessity to Improve the Logistic Processes of the Transport System. Available at SSRN 3028595.DOI: 10.2139/SSRN.3028595

8. E Kharaishvili, B Gechbaia, G Gabedava, H Kuzmenko, Goletiani K. (2018) Modern tendencies of economic development of Georgia and challenges: comparative analysis of Georgia-Ukraine. Теоретичні та прикладні питання економіки. № 1. 26-44 URL: http://www.irbis-nbuv.gov.ua/cgi-bin/irbis_nbuv/cgiirbis_64.exe?C21COM=2&I21DBN=UJRN&P21DBN=UJRN&IMAGE_FILE_DOWNLOAD=1&Image_file_name=PDF/Tppe_2018_1_5.pdf