Dan Marius Voicilas

Romanian Academy (Romania), Senior researcher of Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, Doctor of Economics, Assoc. Professor.

Е-mail: dmvoici@yahoo.com


Publications (specialty: 051 Economics, 056 (292) International Economic Relations, 073 Management):

1. Rosu E., Voicilas D.-M. (2019) The competitiveness of tourism in Romania after EU accession – regional analysis. Economics of Agriculture, Volume 66, Issue. 4, 2019, Pp. 1023-1038, DOI: https://doi.org/10.5937/ekoPolj1904023R researchgate.net/publication/338879905_The_competitiveness_of_tourism_in_Romania_after_EU_accession_Regional_analysis
2. Voicilas D.-M. (2019) Agri-food economy and rural development challenges for Romania after 10 years of cap. Sustainable agriculture and rural development in terms of the republic of Serbia strategic goals realization within the Danube region. Belgrade. 2019. ISBN (print) 978-86-6269-067-8. Pp. 158-174. URL: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dori_Gjorgjieska/publication/331833594_IAE_Belgrade_-_Thematic_Proceedings_-_2019pdf/data/5c8f816c299bf14e7e82e07b/IAE-Belgrade-Thematic-Proceedings-2019.pdf#page=173
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4. Voicilaş D.M. (2017) Opportunities and Threats in North East Romania - SWOT Analysis in Suceava and Botoşani Counties. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Journal. Volume 14. Issue 2. Pp. 175-184. URL: https://ideas.repec.org/a/iag/reviea/v14y2017i2p175-184.html
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