Archiving Policy

Scientific journal «Economic innovations» deposits the articles that it publishes in archives to guarantee long-term preservation. We support permanent availability, accessibility and preservation of scholarly research.

Digital Archiving

We work in partnership with organizations as well as maintaining our own digital archive. The full-text of all articles is available for download from the Journal site in the "Archives" section. All of the digital Journal content is stored on a secure server. The Journal is also archived on Electronic Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine Repository and Index Copernicus. Site of the journal supports the LOCKSS system to ensure a secure and permanent archive for the journal. LOCKSS is a widely-accepted best practice in the digital preservation field and more broadly for ensuring the persistence of digital information.

Print Archiving

Print copies of our Journal are cataloged and archived in the following legal deposit libraries:

- Office of the President of Ukraine;

- Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

- Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;

- Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine;

- Yaroslav the Wise National Library of Ukraine;

- Stefanyk National Science Library;

- State Scientific Institution "Book Chamber of Ukraine named after Ivan Fedorov";

- The Maksymovych Scientific Library;

- Odesa National Scientific Library

- Verhovna Rada of Ukraine;

- Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

- State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.