Keywords: competition, competitiveness, competitive advantage, price competition, non-price competition, factors of competitiveness, enterprise, port, competitor, competitiveness assessment.


Topically. In the context of the globalization of the global economy, competition between countries, enterprises and their associations is becoming increasingly fierce. In this regard, the issue of competitiveness becomes particularly relevant. The country's economy operates in conditions of unlimited competition, so national enterprises must constantly adapt to these conditions. Modern ports are the hubs of any economy. In the face of fierce international competition, improving their competitiveness is a strategic task. The competitiveness of an enterprise is its potential, capabilities, and flexibility in adapting to market relations.
Aim and tasks. The main purpose of the article is to study the theoretical provisions of competitiveness and develop methodological recommendations for improving the efficiency of competitiveness management at enterprises, in particular the port industry.
Research results. This article considers the concept of "competitiveness", as the ability to carry out their activities in the conditions of market relations and at the same time receive a profit sufficient for scientific and technical improvement of production, stimulating employees and maintaining products at a high level of quality. Various types, functions, classifications, security levels and methods for assessing the competitiveness of an enterprise are presented. Factors influencing not only the competition of enterprises in general, but also the port industry at the macro and micro levels were considered.
Conclusion. The article identifies ways to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise: improving the quality of products, reducing prices for services and goods, introducing innovations and new technologies, searching for new opportunities. Special attention is paid to improving the competitiveness of Port industry enterprises and finding ways to improve it. One of the most effective tools for improving competitiveness of ports is the use of modern marketing tools.

Author Biographies


CEcon, docent, docent of the Department of Management and Marketing
Odesa National Maritime University
Mechnikova, 34, Odesa, Ukraine, 65029


Senior lecturer, lecturer of the Department of Management and Marketing
Odesa National Maritime University
Mechnikova, 34, Odesa, Ukraine, 65029


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