• S.V. Ilchenko
Keywords: market of freight service, operation asymmetry, transport process control


The processes taking place in the market of freight transportation, the possibility of their consideration when constructing supply chains have been analyzed in the article. Proposed levels of commodity flows management, recognized reasons for the implementation of the transport process. The model of the regulation of cargoes movement in all sections of the supply chain and the rationalization of the transport work distribution within at the time between the objects of this chain have been formed.
It’s justified the way of transport process optimization as it cheking feature. The main goal of the model it’s reasonable to consider a quantitative assessment of the transportation asemmetry effect on the magnitude of transportation expenditures.
Taking into account the existence of enterprises in various organizational and legal forms of activity, different ownership forms, complicated by the constant restriction of additional resources, financial risks, the imbalance of legislative and legal mechanisms of the transport facilities operation, and many other reasons, an approach was proposed for combining the process of goods delivery from producer to customer subjected to the existence of a single regulating and controlling entity. The methodological approach will enable promptly, qualitatively, and at minimum losses to fulfill an obligations on the goods transportation and, if necessary, taking into account available resources, constraints and conditions, to ensure the adjustment of the supply process in the most appropriate manner.
The proposals of taking into account some kind of transportation market asymmetry under the generation of updating means and its impact alignment onto the decision-making of the optimal structure of traffic flows are adduced in the article.

Author Biography

S.V. Ilchenko

Dr.Sc. (Economics), Senior Researcher,
Institute Of Market Problems And Economic&Ecological Research of the
National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odessa, Ukraine


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