Keywords: mechanism of public administration, system, functional approach, structural approach, functions, subjects


Topicality. Improving the processes of public administration is impossible without studying the theoretical foundations of these processes, without defining the appropriate categories of public administration. A special place among them is occupied by the concept of the "mechanism of public administration". Without disclosing its essence, it is impossible to solve the problem of improving the efficiency of public administration mechanisms and, accordingly, the efficiency of the entire system of public administration.
Aim and tasks. Conduct a semantic analysis of existing definitions of "public administration mechanism" in the context of a systems approach.
Research results. The presence of perfect mechanisms of public administration provides purposeful, coordinated, and rational management of social and economic processes in the country, the appropriate level of organizational and managerial influence on the development of all spheres of life, sustainable support of public authorities by various segments of the population. Many researchers use the category "system" when defining the concept of the "mechanism of public administration". According to this view, the system: has a purpose; is a set of interconnected elements; its elements act as lower-order systems; can be represented in different aspects and at different levels; forms a special unity with the external environment. The article compares the formal representation of the concept of "system" with the existing definitions of the concept of "mechanism of public administration".
Today in the literature there is no single point of view on the definition of "mechanism of public administration". Some authors define it as a system of state bodies organized in accordance with certain principles for the implementation of public administration tasks, the second - as part of the management system that provides influence on the factors on which the result of the management object depends, the third - as a democratic state organization of managerial influence on social processes, fourth - as a way of organizing and functioning of management based on the establishment of reasonable goals, fifth - as a set of practical measures, tools, levers, and incentives by which public authorities influence any public relationships in order to achieve goals. There are other points of view. This situation is the result of the fact that the study of the concept of "mechanism of public administration" is carried out on the basis of different methodological principles, in different fields of science, and with different research objectives. In this case, each of the definitions enriches the understanding of this phenomenon, but none of them, even in combination, does not provide an exhaustive description of the concept of the "mechanism of public administration.
Conclusion. None of the definitions of the term "mechanism of public administration" considered in the article fully corresponds to the formal definition of the term "system". At the same time, each component of the formal representation of the term "system" is present in one or another definition of the "mechanism of public administration".

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Dr. Sc. (Economics)
Institute Of Market Problems And Economic&Ecological Research of the
National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine


Candidate of Science in Public Administration
Odesa Maritime Academy National University
street Fanagoriyska, 9, Izmail, Odesa region, Ukraine, 68601


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