Keywords: professional management, investment activity, competence, management education


Topicality. The article deals with the problems of making investment management more professional in food industry enterprises. There are a lot of problems that rise as a result of use non professional technologies of management for managing investment activity, caused among them by the fast changing environment factors as well as difficult situation in management science and practice of management in Ukraine. Non skilled management making an enterprise unattractive to the investor because raises different risks, leads to a slowdown of project management collaboration or even making such collaboration impossible. What is why professional competence of management becomes the key factor of successful work with internal as well as foreign investors in today’s economy conditions.
Aim and tasks. The purpose of the article is to identify skilled management as an important factor in the field of investment management in food industry interprises. Such purpose obligate to analyze the professional nature of management process, basic principles and rules of management educational system and food industry features of management.
Research results. We analyzed what is unskilled management, what is professional management, what skills and knowledge are necessary in case with efficiency manager. The conceptual approach to the making investment management more professional has been developed. The advantages of this approach are that it is systematic and its indifference to the industry division, which makes it useful for any relations between managers and investors including the food industry sector. Also the specific features of the professional competence as a management category as well as functioning and efficiency traditional unskilled practice of Ukrainian “managers” have been described. The origin of most urgent problems related with management education have been discussed. The nature of each problem has been given the likely causes and commented on. Analysis of these problems allowed to form an innovative approach to find ways of increasing management efficiency in food industry enterprises. Key positions of this approach are: use of management consulting as a tool to increase professional collaboration of science and practice of management; use of main standards of professional management in Ukrainian’s management education system; create a mechanism of effective interaction between businessmen and personnel.
Conclusion. The scientific novelty of this research is to develop the theory and the practice of investment management. The results obtained by the autor can be used by the state authorities, sciencists and managers for development the management science, practice of management and for making collaboration with the investors more efficiency.

Author Biography


Candidate of Economic Sciences
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Kanatnaya Str., 112, Odesa, Ukraine, 65039


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