Keywords: Investments, international investments, investment climate, investment attractiveness index, investment environment, geographical structure of investments, sectoral structure of investments, national economy.


Topicality. In the conditions of the economic crisis, in which the economy of Ukraine has been in recent years, the search for reasons that do not allow developing the economy properly and the intensification of areas for attracting investments, including foreign ones, is one of the priority issues. The article aims to explore the level of the investment climate in Ukraine, as well as to analyze the level of attracting foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine.
Aim and tasks. Investment attractiveness is largely shaped by the investment climate; therefore, we analyze the investment climate as a combination of legal, financial, political, and socio-cultural factors that predetermine the expediency of investing in the country. Estimated index of investment attractiveness of the country for 2009-2018 and the place of Ukraine in the rating of investment attractiveness of the countries of the world.
The article analyzes the volume of foreign direct investment in Ukraine, the structure of investment in the sectoral context and by investor countries of foreign direct investment over the ten-year period from 2010 to 2019.
Research results. Based on the study, it was found that the most attractive for foreign investors in the industry, during the analyzed period, remain the industry, especially processing, financial and insurance activities, wholesale and retail trade, real estate operations, scientific and technical activities, information and telecommunications.
It is determined that the main investor countries that invest more than 80% of foreign direct investment are twelve of the one hundred and thirty investment countries. The top five investor countries are Cyprus, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation, these countries form more than 60% of all international investments in the economy of Ukraine. The study revealed that almost a third of the international investment in the Ukrainian economy is Ukrainian capital, previously withdrawn from the country in offshore jurisdictions - round - tripping. These countries, apart from Cyprus, include Switzerland and the British Islands Verginsky.
Conclusion. The necessity of further formation of modern approaches to the creation of a favorable investment environment in the Ukrainian economy, based on the experience of countries such as Estonia in the taxation of withdrawn capital and world experience, is substantiated. Ukraine should also continue to cooperate with international institutions such as the OECD and develop areas of cooperation with investors under the MLI Convention, which will help reduce the movement of Ukrainian capital to low-tax countries and, accordingly, will affect the increase in investment in the Ukrainian economy.

Author Biography


Ph Din Economics, assistant professor
Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering
and Architecture, Odessa, 65029, Didrihsona st.,4


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