Keywords: green growth, amalgamated territorial communities, local economic development, planning.


Topicality. The urgency of the problem of planning the "green" development of the economy of the amalgamated territorial communities is compounded by the need to combine economic growth with the protection of the environment in view of the current world trends that direct the policy of local economic development to the concept of sustainable development.
Aim and tasks. The aim of the paper is to develop theoretical principles and practical applications, that should justify the expediency of introducing local economic development instruments in the context of the concept of "green" development. Proposals can be taken into account and implemented on the territory of any region or territorial community of Ukraine.
Research results. The role of the state in identifying priority areas and areas of "green" growth, in particular at the level of voluntarily amalgamated territorial communities, has been marked by the introduction of a participatory approach to planning. These instruments of state economic policy, which are used as an instrument of transition to the principles of the "green" economy. The possibilities of increasing energy efficiency through the use of clean renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies in the key sector of the "green" economy have been determined. The market of renewable energy sources in Ukraine has been analyzed and the possibilities of financial support of electricity producers from the funds of international institutions have been indicated. It has been noted that the technical and economic opportunities of green energy projects at the level of voluntarily united communities should summarize the "road" map, which should include a perspective plan for the development of green energy, costs for the implementation of the project, justification of the feasibility of their implementation, the effects of positive or negative impact on the environment. Proposals have been developed regarding the institutional support of the "green" economy at the level of the amalgamated territorial communities and identified services that could be provided by the "green" chambers in the communities.
Conclusion. Local governments, making a policy of boosting local economic growth, should lay the foundations for the implementation of the concept of "green" development, the use of green technologies, green production, etc., in order to achieve harmonious economic and environmental development and contribute to raising the standard of living of the population. Local authorities are obliged to strengthen the local economy and introduce the green economy model by gradually reducing the use of organic fuel and promoting the development of green technologies and green production. Encouraging all stakeholders to implement the concept of "green" growth and supporting their activities requires local authorities to introduce a number of measures aimed, in particular, at raising awareness and promoting the concept of "green" development among the local population, as well as by providing informational and financial support to enterprises, citizens and non-governmental organizations. The development and implementation of measures to ensure the green development of the economy of the amalgamated territorial communities should take into account local features and conditions, as well as assess the impact of such plans on the implementation of the concept of "green" development.

Author Biographies


Dr.Sc. (Economics), Associate Prof.,
Head of the Department of Economics, Law and Business Management,
Odessa National Economic University
Preobrazhenska Str., 8, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082


PhD (Economics),
Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics, Law and Business Management,
Odessa National Economic University
Preobrazhenska Str., 8, Odesa, Ukraine, 65082


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