Keywords: natural capital, eco-oriented growth, green growth, green growth, sustainable agriculture, monitoring green growth.


Topicality. Viklikni new world economy stipulated the necessity of modernization of economic development of countries for providing of constancy through «green» growth. An urgent problem is development of patterns of «green» growth for the countries of then soviet space. As well as before there is a necessity of increase of potential of these countries for an ecologization agricultural a sector; development of system long-term measures of, which significant in connection with sharpening of ecological problems; expansion of access is to «green» technologies and investments and transmission of practical experience of management the interested countries and organizations. A decision requires estimation of the state of realization of «green» direction of development of agrarian sphere of economy in the context of the European requirements of point-of-sale exchange and location Ukraine in the system of intergovernmental partnership by the estimation of the European system of indexes of «green» growth and possibility of its application in domestic practice, as an informative government and monitoring of the productivity of resource base of agrosphere base.

Aim and tasks. A research purpose is an estimation of realization of «green» a vector growth in the agricultural sphere of economy of countries of East partnership by system of the offered indicators and location Ukraine in the context of the European policy of neighbourhood and strengthening of relations of countries after next thematic platforms is the proper management and stability in agricultural sphere, economic integration and approaching, guard of environment. Realization of purpose stipulated the decision of scientifically research tasks: ground the necessity of forming of change of agricultural paradigm for the countries of East Europe, to analyse the tendencies of introduction of «green» growth, to lead to expedience of the use of indexes of «green» growth, statistical measurings considered within the limits of national methodology.
Research results. As a result of analysis the degree of readiness of countries is set to deep integration, main vectors of introduction of «green» growth in the countries of East partnership from ES, the European measuring of «green» growth is resulted in the agrarian sphere of economy, grounded requirement to the national system of statistical account of «green» transformations at agro sphere.
Conclusion. An ecological factor became the inalienable constituent of the economy growing, but by the not source of growth. The key indicators of «green» growth are plugged in the major documents of development of country, but they do not settle accounts for lack of the proper standards of statistics and account. It stipulates impossibility of leadthrough of comparative analysis of development of countries in comparison with regional and world results. Taking into account realities, effectively to manage ES of not be able transformations of economy of countries-partners. For this reason an orientation on «green» growth is will of country and its step to realization of modern calls. The place of Ukraine changed in the processes of «green» transformations, but by the state on 2017 Ukraine can be considered a leader. Ukraine found out liking of transition for more «green», effective and proof economy, activations of efforts for adaptations to the changes of climate and softening of their consequences, and also to the decision of ecological problems in the agrarian sphere of economy. Preparation of plans of quality management of earths, authentication of agro ecological risks, lead through of strategic ecological estimations and estimations of influence on the environment of agro ecological projects, improvement of statistical information and access to ecological information it is possible to examine as key steps of eco-oriented growth development ofagricultural sphere in Ukraine. Can be drawn on research results as analytical and informative basis for subsequent scientific developments in the field of estimation of influence of «green» transformations on steady development agrarian a sector in the countries of East partnership.

Author Biographies


Dr.Sc. (Economics), Prof.
Institute Of Market Problems And Economic&Ecological Research of the
National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine


Cand. Sc. (Economics) Associate Professor
Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship,
Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, Ukraine
Str. Sunny, 3, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 21008


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