Keywords: inland waterways, container transportation, feeder container transportations, multimodal transportations, river transport.


Topicality. The river potential of Ukraine has great prospects in the direction of connecting with Europe at the expense of increasing the transit capacity of the Danube and the Dnieper rivers taking into account the access to the Black Sea. River transport has a number of advantages over land, in particular: ready natural ways; use of water flow; the ability to transport any cargo and passengers simultaneously; safety and environmental friendliness; high bandwidth; high degree of reliability and timeliness of delivery; low cost of transportation, which leads to fuel economy, etc. It should be noted that to date, taking into account the uplift tariffs for transportation by rail and inconvenience of use of motor transport, organization of container service on the Dnieper is the most promising and in demand.
Aim and tasks. The aim of the article is to determine the organizational and economic bases of river container transportation in Ukraine. In accordance with the stated aim, it is necessary to analyze the cargo base of river container transportation in Ukraine; to formulate priorities of development of river navigation of Ukraine; to substantiate the efficiency of using container technology of cargo transportation by inland waterways of Ukraine.
Research results. The complex of measures for the development of container cargo transportation by inland waterways of Ukraine was proposed, the analysis of the market of river container transportations in Ukraine in comparison with the countries of the European Union and the USA was carried out, the main problems of development of inland water transport were identified and measures for their further development and operation of inland waterways of Ukraine taking into account the prospect of their integration into the European transport network.
Conclusion. Ukraine has significant potential for organizing logistics schemes for cargo transportation involving river transport in several directions. The presence, albeit somewhat obsolete, a powerful infrastructure base, a convenient geographical location and the availability of traffic flows that can potentially be transported by inland waterways, creates the preconditions for the restoration and development of this transport area.

Author Biography


Postgraduate student Market of Transport Services Department
Institute of Market Problems and Economic & Ecological Research of
the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Frantsuzkyi boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine, 65044


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