Keywords: enterprise economic security, content analysis, text data analysis, content-analytic research.


Topicality. The urgency of the problem of ensuring the enterprise economic security in the modern conditions of management is particularly acute due to the growing number of unprofitable and bankrupt entities, lack of resources for effective activity, risks, threats and hazards of internal and uncertainty of external environment, etc. The practical activities of companies to ensure economic security require scientific and methodological support, which would reveal best practices, generalize existing theoretical work, methodical provisions and applied recommendations. Although the primary link of scientific communication is article, dissertation works on enterprise economic security are chosen for analysis as the most unified form of presentation of the scientific research results in this field of knowledge.
Purpose and tasks. The purpose of the article is to conduct content analysis of defended theses on enterprise economic security in order to determine the general state of research field, the degree of scientific efforts coordination and main trends of published research.
Research results. The dissertation works were selected exclusively on the subject of enterprise economic security; the sample for 2000-2018 made 205 works. Further analysis was carried out according to the criteria of method LATCH while processing data arrays – Location; Alphabet; Time; Category; Hierarchy. A number of scientific specialties, candidate and doctoral theses (PhD and Doctor of Sciences), the main term in the subject of theses, dynamics of oral defenses, leading institutions, geographic centers and economy branches are determined. There are certain regularities of the array; as well as constant dynamics in the studies of enterprise economic security in different specialties is not observed, there are periods of growth and decline, there are five institutions of higher education in Ukraine, where majority of works are defended; seven geographical centers of enterprise economic security research are allocated.
Conclusions. There is a certain recurrence of topics and research areas in various specialties in the study of enterprise economic security. When calculating the frequency of concepts in the dissertation themes it is determined the difference of specialties and corresponding research within their framework: 21.04.02 focused on the comprehensive study of system development, international standards of enterprise economic security, the mutual influence of national security and enterprises economic security, etc. We have to coordinate the research directions within the various scientific specialties on the subject of enterprise economic security, harmonize the terminology (including those with foreign correspondents), develop effective theoretical and methodological provisions and applied guidelines for the practical activity of specialists or managers of the economic security sphere of economic entities and their activities.

Author Biography


PhD Candidate (Economics)
The Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy
Shevchenko Boulevard, 81, Cherkasy, Ukraine 18031


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