Keywords: environmental safety, energy security, management of environmentally sound development, preventive measures.


Topicality. Given the energy dependence of the country, existing energy, environmental and social threats to sound development due to increased tariffs for heat and electricity and rise in prices for products and services of all economic sectors, it is necessary to determine the strategic directions of risk management in the fuel and energy sector. The choice of a management option, based on the features of preventing and reduction of risk to a possibly low level in the fuel and energy sector, becomes particularly relevant.
Aim and tasks. The goal of the article is to substantiate the mechanisms for managing the environmentally sound development of the fuel and energy sector, to identify areas of the settlement and ways to minimize currently existing risks and measures aimed at preventing threats and risks in the fuel and energy sector of the economy.
Research results. The article substantiates and proposes mechanisms for managing the environmentally sound development of the fuel and energy sector. There are considered areas of the settlement and ways to minimize currently existing risks and measures aimed at preventing threats and risks in the fuel and energy sector of the economy.
There are represented systematic understanding of the logical connection between existing risks and their consequences depending on the source of threats and are defined monitoring phases of threats which should be the basis for making management decisions.
Analyzing the research of foreign and our scientists, we came to the conclusion that the use of alternative energy in the fuel and energy sector strengthens energetic and environmental safety and defied a number of necessary modern steps that will contribute to environmentally sound development of Ukraine.
Based on an analysis of the current state of usage of the energy resources and energy development in Ukraine, the need to increase the share of primary energy production from alternative energy sources, which can solve critical problems in the regions of Ukraine, was proved.
The study of international investment practice in the environmentally sound development of the country, the means and trends of stimulation allowed to propose organizational and managerial measures to ensure the efficiency of the mechanisms. It was proved that in order to obtain the most positive economic-environmental effect within the national energy it is necessary to give preference to projects with the highest investment efficiency to get positive economic, environmental, social and resource effects.
The necessity of applying an integrated approach to the formation of a system of mechanisms for providing an effective environmentally sound development of the fuel and energy sector, which synthesizes systemic, managerial, integrated, innovative approaches and allows to comprehensively explore the processes of management and use of alternative energy sources is substantiated. There is proposed the complex of mechanisms of national, regional, municipal ecologically oriented regulation of environmentally sound development of the fuel and energy sector.
Conclusions. It was established that the management of environmentally sound development of the fuel and energy sector is a complex of processes that ensure the transformation of existing problems into a new state through the application of certain controlled actions. The theoretical, methodological and conceptual basis for the establishment of a system for managing the environmentally-oriented development of the fuel and energy sector, the implementation of strategy and strategic management mechanisms that ensure long-term development on the basis of ecologization constitute the subject and prospects for further scientific research in this direction.

Author Biography


PhD in Economics
Senior Scientific Researcher,

Department of economic and environmental problems of seaside regions
Institute of market problems and economic&ecological research of NAS of Ukraine,
Frantsuzkyi boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine, 65044


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