Keywords: marine agent, commercial mediation, agency service for marine vessels, marine market of agency activity.


Topicality. Actuality of the problem of determining the boundaries of agency activity. Identification of the features of its activities. Creation of a favorable climate for the agency market in Ukraine, which will allow the country to occupy the appropriate place in the world transport market of labor distribution.
Aim and tasks. The purpose of the article is to develop theoretical, methodological and practical proposals for the market of maritime agency, which will allow to approve the status of the country as a naval state and increase the profitability of this entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine.
Research results. The essence of the category of maritime agent as a representative and assistant of the shipowner acting on behalf and at the expense of the latter in accordance with the powers based on the law or agreement, in all cases of the shipowner of a commercial and administrative nature, which is related to the sea transportation of goods or of passengers And also the essence of clandestine commercial mediation and agency activities, taking into account existing legislative acts. Yes, there are signs of what this business is doing; the subject of agency activity is the provision of services; agency services are provided exclusively to business entities and exclusively in economic activities, and that services are provided through mediation carried out on behalf of, in the interest, under the control and at the expense of the entity represented. The examples of contact work of the marine agent are given. The article gives a classification of marine agents on various grounds. Separate types of agency companies that provide the appropriate level of completeness and quality of agency services that fall under their responsibilities.
Conclusions. Thus, the existence of an entrepreneurial activity in the agency of seagoing vessels is a special, independent form of agency activity based on the exercise of representative functions for the performance of the duties of the shipowner in accordance with the customs of the port of departure of the ship, its maintenance there and protection of the interests of the shipowner in respect of any circumstances that arise in this regard, and in no case can be attributed to mediation.

Author Biography


Engineer of the Transport Services Market
Institute of Market Problems and Economic&Ecological Research of the
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine


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