Keywords: Challenge, risks, risk management, national security, system-parametric approach, research methodology.


Topicality. At present, the problem of methodological and methodical comprehension of the category "challenge" as a phenomenon of complex unstable processes of modern social development is actualized. Professionals dealing with national security issues and responding to challenges and risks posed by them today are particularly aware of the need to create a new potential for modern security management theory and methodology.
Aim and tasks. The aim of the work is to discuss topical issues of system presentation and formalization of the "challenge" as a functional category of modern riskology and the theory of national security.
Research results. Formed some theoretical and methodological basis of the systematic presentation of modern challenges as a source of risk situations, including an extraordinary (critical) character. It is noted that the progress of science and economic development, the exacerbation of socio-economic, resource-ecological and other contradictions and conflicts generate serious challenges and threats to the person and environment of his residence.The paper considers the results of the conceptual-categorical representation of the "challenge" and its derivatives from the perspective of the parametric general theory of systems. The place and role of the "challenge" in the system of risk management and national security are discussed. Particular attention is paid to the problem of "risk" as a consequence of calls and as an important category of risk management theory.
Conclusions.The results of the theoretical and methodological comprehension of the "call" from the positions of the system-parametric approach presented in the paper are a definite basis for the formation of the conceptual-categorical basis of development and the theory of national security and riskology.
In this context, the concept-categorical design of the "challenge" is seen as cumulative, purposeful or random changes in social development, which can lead to both negative and positive synergetic effects; specially formed new ideas, projects that determine the new transformation processes; new threats, new opportunities that affect the essential (indigenous) interests of communicatively dependent economic and other actors, and require, as a rule, urgent response.

Author Biography


Dr. Econ. Sciences, Prof.
Chief researcher
Institute Of Market Problems And Economic&Ecological Research of the
National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine, 65044


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