Keywords: governance, public administration, civil society, self-organizing society, democratization, political and socio-economical processes, economic system.


Topicality. The processes of the reforming and transforming of the state administration system in the country, which have been going on for more than a quarter of a century and do not lead to a significant increase in the level of well-being and do not allow to achieve even the values of indicators of socio-economic development of the 1991th year’s level, determine the relevance of the development of conceptual and scientific- methodological approaches to the organization of management system and public administration in the national economy. The main conceptual idea is to determine the direction of further socio-economic development of society and to regulate the transformation of the national economy management system on the basis of the prevalence of the actual significance and effectiveness of the system of state administration over the fact of its functioning for the sake of its own existence.
Aim and tasks. The purpose of the article is to determine the conceptual framework for the regulation of transformation processes in the system of public administration and management in order to effectively influence the changes in national economic system and facilitate its restructuring from the raw material type to the economic system oriented on creation of the maximum possible value added.
Research results. The interrelation and interdependency of the power and the system of public administration are analysed. It is defined the character and degree of influence of civil society on political and socio-economical processes which take place in the state. The essence of problems of real democratization processes in society reducing and the emphasis on arising threats that are caused by alignment of the reform processes and the failure of the tasks fulfill for the transformation of the economic system are analyzed and solved.The threat of curtailment of the processes of democratization and attainment of objects of radical socio-economical reforms going on in the country are emphasized. The specific measures on forming of civil society as an active state governor and on creation of effective system of public administration and regulation are justified and proposed. The appropriateness and validity of the proposed regulatory measures has been proved.
Conclusions. It is established that one of the necessary and priority tasks is to maintain and create conditions for the rise of civil society sprouts in our country and for developed civil society establishment, which will become the basis and the key to successful implementation of the public administration reform, and will facilitate the efficiency of state power, will increase the welfare of the population. It is also necessary to support political will and aspirations of political elites to build an effective national economic system.

Author Biography


Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof.
Corresponding Member of the National Academy
of Sciences of Ukraine


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