Keywords: machine building, industry, industrial products, machine building complex, economic potential.


Topicality. In the conditions of ambiguity of the situation that has developed over the past years in the economy, each enterprise needs to focus on developing measures to minimize the impact of adverse factors of the external and internal environment, which can be achieved through system monitoring of changes in the situation, as well as the effective management of economic activity Actual increase of the economic potential of the machine-building industry, which will provide good management, will create conditions for timely response to threats and hazards, strengthen the system of economic security of enterprises in accordance with changing environmental conditions.

Aim and tasks. The goal of the paper is to investigate and identify the problems of building up economic potential, their impact on the economic safety of the machine-building enterprise, in particular, and on the industry as a whole. In this regard, the task of carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the main indicators of economic capacity building at the enterprises of the machine-building industry, which will be able to identify the main problems and threats to the industry, identify the strengths and opportunities to understand the main problems of building capacity of the machine-building complex to ensure economic security.

Research results. The share of industrial innovation and active enterprises according to the types of implemented innovations has been analyzed. The development of economic potential of machine-building enterprises has been researched. The main problems and threats have been outlined for ensuring economic security and development of the industry. It has been established that the investigated branch has a number of strengths and opportunities, which, taking into account the condition of limiting the impact of weaknesses and threats, gives grounds for specific strategies for the development of machine-building enterprises. In the circumstances in the industry there is practically no development potential. Leading companies are working out the development programs that include expansion of production facilities, updating of production equipment, development of scientific base, increasing of consumer properties of released products and also of the one being produced. It must be admitted that this is the only possible way out of the crisis and the transition to the development of the industry. However, the implementation of these programs is complicated by the lack of adequate funding, as most enterprises carry out technological innovations mainly at their own expense.

Conclusions. The main problems of increasing the economic potential of machine-building enterprises are as follows: relative non-competitiveness of products in comparison with products of developed countries; unpopularity of products of the domestic machine-building complex in world markets and the absence of world brands; imperfection of investment activity in most enterprises: insignificant level of implementation of development of scientific and technological progress in comparison with potential opportunities in the production of innovative products; significant level of depreciation of fixed assets, a significant lag of the state of fixed assets from the technological level of developed countries; use of outdated technological developments.

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Ph.D. in Economics,
lecturer in Economics
Technical College of Ternopil Ivan Puliui National Technical University
11, Tisna Street app.9, Ternopil, Ukraine, 46009


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