• S.G. Nezdoiminov
  • N.M. Andryeyeva


In the article research of modern market of transportations of tourist’s condition  is conducted on a water-carriage. Found out the most substantial problems of river passenger transportations which influence on development of tourism in the state. Grounded necessity of modernization the sector of passenger water-carriage. It is wellproven that the stable functioning of river transport creates terms for tourist market development. Recommendations are developed in relation to development of sphere of tourist transportations on a river transport.
Purpose. On the modern stage of development of economy of Ukraine, before the domestic enterprises of water-carriage the problem of forming of dynamic demand appears on services in relation to transporting of tourists to the tourist resources in the regions of Ukraine. Today the water sector of transport needs optimization of activity of river and marine ports, modernization of passenger fleet and measures, on highquality maintenance of tourists. Methodology. In the process this study used the methods of analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction (used in determining the factors that affect the tourist traffic), systematization and generalization (to clarify the problems of port infrastructure modernization and development of measures to ensure the service of tourists on water transport, systematization of the key aspects of the development of tourist traffic and in general on the waterways of the country). Findings. Among the basic problems of industry, in our view, most ponderable are insufficient volumes of bringing in of investments in relation to modernization of port and tourist infrastructure, in building of modern fleet. Investment in transport in the total volume of capital investments in Ukraine's economy in 2015 amounted to 6.5%. And volume of investments in the sector of water-carriage in 2015 years, makes 0,3 milliards of UA or 0,1% in the general volume of a particular investments. By volumes of domestic passenger traffic on the Danube in 2013-2014, river fleet of Ukraine is considerably inferior to Romania and Bulgaria in international tourist traffic and 6% of total international tourist traffic on the river Danube. The analysis of problems of development of tourist transportations retained that for the successful functioning of market of water tourism it is necessary complex development of all elements of navigation and proper him infrastructure. Originality. The scientific novelty of the research is to identify a system of measures to ensure the revitalization and development of the tourist movement in the enterprises of water transport in Ukraine. Practical value. It is necessary to reduce an economic work-load on the general volume of charges of ship-owners which are related to using internal waterways (paying for locking, paying for the special water consumption, excise on a fuel, payment for breeding of bridges and others like that; to build and effectively use a modern passenger fleet for providing of water transportations of tourists.

Author Biographies

S.G. Nezdoiminov
k.e.n., assistant professor of  Tourist and hotel-restaurant business department, Odessa National University of Economics, Preobrazhenskaya str 8, Odesa, Ukraine
N.M. Andryeyeva

Dr.Sc. (Economics) ,
Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Research of the
National Academy of Science of Ukraine
Frantsuz'kyj boulevard, 29, Odesa, Ukraine

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