• K.V. Stepanova
  • V.N. Stepanov


Development of maritime sector of Ukraine is one of the important factors of its economic security. Till 1991 Ukraine has achieved a very high level of maritime “maturity”. The diversified maritime complex of Ukraine included marine transportation, fisheries, shipbuilding and ship repairing, marine engineering, marine gas industry, marine port facilities, cruise fleet. Active marine economic activity was based on the well-developed coastal infrastructure, including network of research and educational institutions. Bur during the last 20-25 years marine economic sector of Ukraine has decreased dramatically. Serious damage caused annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation. Ukraine lost state property including the energy and mining sectors, port infrastructure, which is significant for Ukrainian exporters.
However, Ukraine has saved a specific resource (“foundation”) for the future development of marine economy. This resource includes material and technical facilities, human resources and “genetic memory” of marine economy. In the paper it is determined as a “maritime code”.For definition of maritime code the principle of analogy was used. Fundamental laws of biological and social systems development have a lot in common and are similar. Basing on this principle the term "maritime code" can be determined similarly with codes in other sciences, particularly biology, economics, geopolitics, and so on. For example, V. A. Dergachov gives definitions of geoeconomic, geopolitical and geodemographic codes of a state.
In our opinion, the concept of maritime code can be described with the help of the terms such as marine traditions and lifestyle, "maritime foot pint". Thus, maritime code of the state can be defined as historically developed practice and way of marine resources exploitation and marine activities. This comprises a complex of marine industries and institutional framework. Taking into account the need to restore maritime code of Ukraine we consider it necessary to revise the current state maritime policy, which was formulated in the early 2000s and does not meet the new conditions and demands under new geo-economic and geo-political situation, formed in 2013- 2015. Basing on the main principles and directions of Sustainable Development Strategy of “Ukraine-2020” and National Security Strategy of Ukraine (2015), new maritime policy should be developed.

Author Biographies

K.V. Stepanova
PhD(Economics) Assistant Professor International Humanitarian University, Fontanskaya doroga 33, Odesa, Ukraine
V.N. Stepanov
Dr. Sc. (Economics) Professor, Chief Researcher Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research NAS of Ukraine, Frantsuzskiy Boulevard 29, Odesa, Ukraine
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