• E.V. Sadchenko
Keywords: marketing approaches, marketing activity management, economic-ecological cadastral mechanism, information, marine economic-ecological cadastre


The article examines the main marketing approaches to the management of marketing activities on the basis of improving the economic and environmental cadastral mechanism. Inventories are described as a form of integrated presentation of information on specific natural resources and their rational economic use. The principles of conducting the marine economic-ecological cadastre are considered. Eco-marketing directions that allow the complex use of data from several cadastres that are important in developing plans for the economic, ecological and social development of the marine complex. The question of the concept of cadastre objects has a certain theoretical and great practical significance. From its correct decision depends the breadth of the factors that are subject to regulatory and legal regulation in the process of developing and maintaining the cadastre, the competence of government bodies that perform cadastral functions. The effectiveness of the legal regulation of marine cadastres is dependent on the structural and functional organization of state bodies of Ukraine, leading the cadastre, their law enforcement activities, the speed with which they comply with the established procedure for conducting marine economic and environmental cadastres. The concept of the formation of marine economic and environmental cadastres and potentials is aimed at improving the ecological situation in coastal areas, improving the living conditions of the population in the coastal zone, and meeting the needs of the population in high-quality ecologically safe marine resources. Eco-marketing activities in cadastre management open up wide opportunities in the field of legal regulation of relations on on-farm use and protection of marine resources.

Author Biography

E.V. Sadchenko

Dr.Sc. (Economics), Prof.
Institute Of Market Problems And Economic&Ecological Research of the
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Frantsuzskiy Boulevard, 29, Odessa, Ukraine
Dr. hab. Prof.
Higher School of Economics and Humanities
Ul. V.Sikorsky, 4, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, 43-300


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