Editor-in-Chief Burkynskyi Borys

Director of the Institute of Market Problems and Economic&Ecological Research of NAS of Ukraine (Ukraine), Professor, Doctor of Economics, Academician of NAS of Ukraine.

29 Frantsuzkiy Blvd., Odesa , 65044, Ukraine

Е-mail: burkinskij@nas.gov.ua


Fundamental scientific research of prof. B.V. Burkynskyi during the formation of the national market economy are devoted to the development of the theory and methodology of restructuring of economic complexes, rational interaction and compatibility of economic structures in terms of market relations, features of economic modernization and transformation of functioning of industrial enterprises models; formation of institutional transformation mechanisms in the economy; development of innovation and investment policy in the region and efficiency of innovation processes; the theory and methodology of competition and entrepreneurship development; strategies and mechanisms for strengthening the production, socio-economic and natural-resource potential of the Ukrainian Black Sea.  His research interests are extremely broad and covers the most pressing problems of modern economics - from problems of institutional economics to the problems of system-wide integration of economy, ecology and social development

Prof. Burkynskyi has provided leadership for a key institute of the National Academy of Sciences, providing creative scientific direction and organizing the management of economic research. He has initiated new scientific directions on sustainable regional development, development of market mechanisms, development of models of free economic zones, and development of business. He has participated directly in and headed economic analytical research as well as its practical application in Ukraine’s Southern region.

Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, were awarded with M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky NAS of Ukraine Award, has been honored with high state awards for outstanding scientific and scientific-organizational achievements. His fruitful and selfless work has been awarded with Order of Merit of the First Degree, the gratitude of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, "For Conscientious Work" I degree - Ministry of Economy and other.

Is an  author more than 350 scientific works.


Publications (specialty: 051 Economics, 073 Management):

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